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Grant Cox Enterprises Gives Back

Community is very important to us at Grant Cox Enterprises, Inc., and we love to give back!

Growing up in Carpinteria, and being adopted by The Local Loving Lauer Family - Patricia and Ed Lauer, Grant has always felt indebted to the town who he credits helped raised him.

Grant has been an avid giver his entire life.  He has been a part of The Upbeat since 1985, playing his heart and soul out on his saxophone to so many fans throughout California and Hawaii.  

Grant is an incredible family man who loves his employees, and what he does, with such passion.

Grant has stood by his wife's side in so many of her volunteering ventures, b assisting for 14 years of Relay For Life, Paddle Out For Hope Ceremonies, and Franklin Trail Fundraisers and Events.

No matter the hour, if Grant gets a call from a friend, family member, or a client, he drops everything and will be there in a heartbeat.

Grant served on the Architectural Review Board from 2016 through 2020.  He thoroughly enjoyed being a part of the team, giving recommendations and steering landscaping decisions for different applications of building in the town he grew up in.

Grant takes incredible pride in having built his company from 1 employee to now over 50 employees, and continues to give back in every way he possibly can.

Beth Cox, has always had a heart for volunteering.  Beginning as an adolescent, Beth was in a group that was committed to giving back to her community. 

She was a Domestic Violence Crisis Counselor and Volunteer Children's Program Coordinator throughout her college years in Santa Barbara and San Francisco, working throughout the nights on a 24-hour hotline.  Beth also ran women's groups at County Jails throughout the Bay Area while at San Francisco State.  

When she moved back to Carpinteria
Beth became involved with The Santa Barbara Rape Crisis Center (now Standing Together To End Sexual Assault, (STTESA)) as a hotline rape crisis counselor.  Beth also served as an advocate for the Speaker's Bureau, and hosted a radio show on KCSB Radio for three years, discussing Sexual Assault and Domestic Violence.  

Years passed and between attending law school, starting a family, and supporting her husband's growing company, Beth took a few steps back from volunteering to focus on family.

Then in 2006, when Grant and Beth's son was just a few weeks old, Beth's father was diagnosed with Stage IV Melanoma Cancer.  A mere 26 days after diagnosis, her father passed.

Through this experience, Beth became extremely passionate about ending Cancer and giving back to the community that held her and her family up during such a difficult time.

Thus, Relay For Life of The American Cancer Society came into their lives, and Grant Cox Enterprises Inc. was there every step of the way.

As the business grew and the growing financial pains and struggles dissipated, the company was able to begin sponsoring events and donating to numerous local non-profits in Santa Barbara County, including their children's school - Carpinteria High School.  

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Canalino Elementary School

Shortly after Beth's father passed, Maria Sanchez, a beloved community member, as well as one of Beth's mother's best friends, passed away of Cancer.
Greenleaf Landscapes procured a boulder with a plaque on it, and installed it in Maria's Forever Spot at Canalino Elementary School.

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Girl's Inc.

Beth is extremely passionate about Girl's Incorporated of Carpinteria as her daughter attended their after school program while Beth worked at her Law Firm, and Grant was running the company.

In 2011 Beth was nominated as Woman of Inspiration of Girl's Inc. of Carpinteria.

Grant Cox Enterprises, Inc. has sponsored Evening In Bloom and Woman of Inspiration.

In 2020, Girl's Inc. created a paver walkway in memory of Mary Crowley.  Grant Cox Enterprises, Inc. donated the materials and labor.  We were  incredibly honored to have been a part of this beautiful woman's memory.

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Tractors, Trucks & Trolleys Event

This fun event allows children to explore construction vessels first hand!  Benefiting Cate School's Early Learning Center, this annual event has become a must-go-to for kids of all ages.  Grant Cox Enterprises Inc.'s display is always a show stopper, bringing along their dump truck, excavator, and operator, Matt.

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